Monday, September 13, 2010

Visa Extension and Cockroach A La Carte

I can confidently say that I've now reached the point where I am in tune with the environment I'm in. I seem to be dealing with the people and situations here very well and can find my way around the city without too much trouble. Hopefully this is good training for what I'm sure will be a much more difficult time in India.

I headed to the Immigration Office today to get my Nepali visa extended, which went without a hitch. While I was waiting I cruised around the city and ended up in a nearby hole in the wall restaurant where I ended up meeting two other travelers and having lunch, a plate of chow mein complete with a small, dead cockroach on the side of it. I guess for less than a dollar you can't have high expectations. Thankfully I didn't get sick.

I have a bus ticket booked and tomorrow morning I will be off to Pokhara. Just in time I think, the pollution of Kathmandu is starting to get to me, I've developed a slight cough and sore throat that I'm sure isn't sickness related. I think in the long term sense, smoking would be a better choice than breathing in this smog.


  1. Pokhara ?? Is that on your way to your trek to Everest Base Camp?

    At least it was a small cockroach - Yuck!!!

  2. Have a good climb and good luck. Maybe the air is cleaner and the cockroaches don't like the cold. Good luck!

  3. A cockroach yikes GROSS have a safe and good climb

  4. Well now that we've all been following your blog daily, it's rather disappointing when there is no new posts - hope we here from you soon and all is well. Can't wait to hear of your journey on the local bus to Pokhara. It looks like some nice sights to see around that city. Have fun :)