Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Leaky Toilet Blues

Lately my work on the house has been mainly shifted towards painting the upstairs, which is sort of a time sensitive affair given the flooring should be installed within the next couple weeks (the sub floor is already in). My mom, sister and brother in law have been helping me, and their time has been invaluable. I never realized painting would take as long as it does. So far we have the master bedroom and kitchen painted, and the two other bedrooms are almost all primed and ready to be painted; I just need to choose a colour for them. The hallway will have to wait until the old phone alcove is drywalled and mudded.

This week had an unfortunate surprise in store for me: a leaky toilet. I had known it leaked before, but the contractors insisted on keeping it in the house for the guys to use, so they fixed the leak. Or so I thought. What the last people hadn't done prior to me discovering this mess was make sure it didn't keep running, which it had a tendency to do since the flapper wouldn't seat properly unless it was attended to. So it leaked all over the place, into the basement and down the outside wall. So far it doesn't look like there was any permanent damage done, everything should dry out fine. Disaster averted, but these can be the headaches of dealing with contractors. 

As for other developments, I got a good deal on the dishwasher I wanted, so the only appliance I have left to buy for the kitchen is the microwave. I found a good deal on the washer and dryer combo I want, so I'll pick those out tomorrow. As for the garage, it's pretty much done! All that's left is for the electrician to hook up the power to the breaker, and the plumbers will hopefully be running the gas line and installing a heater in the next week! The company that is repairing the cracks in the foundation is coming on Friday, and I found ANOTHER one for them to fix, which brings it up to 4 cracks.