Wednesday, April 11, 2012

T-28 Days And Counting

There it is, 28 more days left until I fly off this continent. My flight date is May 9th, which is a Wednesday. I had planned to finish work on the Friday before that, so I the other day I figured why stick around here for a few days when I could be in Hawaii? That plan was dashed when I looked at changing it, only to see that the prices have doubled since I booked it two months ago, so it's fair to say that idea is out of the question. I've been psyching myself up (or out) by looking at pictures of Hawaii, which looks amazing. I wish I had more time there, but the necessity of saving money here and the short summer in Alaska, it's time I don't have.

Another point of good news: my dickhead roomate moved out! Without notice, too. I showed up from work today while he was moving out, and my day instantly was made better. One last negative aspect removed from my last month in Oz.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Focus Of My Attention

Lately due to the lack of new developments in my life, I've shifted my attention from this blog to a new blog I've created: The Voice of Kyle (link). I've tried to keep this blog as un-political as possible, but find it hard to restrain myself due to my heavy interest in economics, politics and social issues. The simple solution was to create a new blog, where I can express my social libertarian viewpoints and commentate on world issues.

I'm not demanding that anyone look at it or agree with me, but my travels have had a direct impact on my life, and have shaped my political viewpoints to become a man of the people (no, not communism). Seeing the extreme poverty of India or Cambodia, being feet away from a cluster bomb munition in Laos, hardly being able to find any homeless people in China, and being involved in the incredibly social environment of village life in Papua New Guinea have introduced my mind into new heights and ideas, allowing me to think critically about aspects of our society that I never had before.

This is why it is important to travel. There is a massive world beyond our own, and the first step to making positive change is to see it and it's people with our own eyes, not through a television.