Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So after months and months of idling, Where the Fuck Is Kyle? is reactivated! One month from now I will be on holidays, and the day after that, on a plane bound for London, where I will spend four days then jet out to Istanbul to start my Turkish Adventure!

Over the last week I've been preparing myself, studying travel guides and, and arming myself with new gear to make me a more efficient and deadly traveller. I just tore open the packaging to my new Lonely Planet this afternoon. While I'm not really one to rely on Lonely Planet guidebooks, it does help me identify the places I should be hitting. Info on Turkey seems largely disorganized and chaotic for some reason. Last week I splurged a little and bought a new IPod Touch 5. No more semi-bulky, piece of shit netbook to tote around and possibly waste my time on. Now it's music, books and photography that will be the sole recipient of my down time while travelling. All I have left to buy is a smaller backpack (Turkey should be hot and dry, therefore requiring less clothes) and a new pair of trail shoes.

Where I've spent the majority of my money recently is on camera equipment. Sounds strange for me, doesn't it? I went hardcore and bought a new Canon 5D Mark III, which is the best camera I can get short of the hardcore professional ones. It's night and day compared to the camera I had on my previous trips, and combined with the new 28-70mm f4 L lens I just bought, expect a new milestone in picture quality from me. What you shouldn't expect, however, is regular posting of photos, as the sacrifice of a netbook for an IPod means there will be no photo editing during my trip. I am hoping to borrow computers from hostels and fellow travellers along the way and upload my photos to a portable hard drive.

While I'm here I might as well give you an update of my life post-travels. I've been working at a good job as a Gas Plant Operator for eight months now, and it's turning out to be a great opportunity for me and a sufficient means to fund future travels for myself. The flexible schedule that comes with it should allow me to travel quite a bit. I've also started a small side business doing auto detailing that is also evolving into something that could have great future potential.

And this whole time I've been having serious travel withdrawls. Travelling has become engrained in my soul; it is who I am and a doctrine I live by. The yearning within me to see new places and experience new things is too great to be ignored, and unfortunately that has become an obstacle to my recent love life. This is the journey of life, and wherever it happens to take me and who with, it's a solid bet that my journey will not have a shortage of kilometres on it.