Thursday, December 3, 2015

Closer and Closer to a Finished Product

I haven't posted in a while, so I have quite a few updates. First thing I'll mention is that I have almost all of my appliances! The only thing left is the fridge, which will arrive tomorrow!

The garage is still ongoing, and seems to be the biggest issue thus far. The subcontractor that was hired to build the garage still has not fixed the leaking and improperly installed eves troughs that he was supposed to weeks ago. And when I asked him to install the board below the garage door (which will seal the door to the floor until the infill concrete is poured in the spring) he instead adjusted the door to sit on the concrete, which presents two problems: it doesn't sit flush on the right side due to a grading problem on the old pad and when he lowered the door it bent the lower wheel off the track. Couple that with a garage that should have been done months ago and you can understand my frustration. Needless to say this guy is a total deadbeat in my eyes and shouldn't be allowed on my property. At least the other people working on the garage are doing their job: Don insulated and poly'd the inside, and the mechanical company should have installed the gas line and garage heater yesterday (I will check it tomorrow).

A couple weeks ago the contractors finished installing the new windows, just in time for the cold snaps that immediately followed. The insulating value of the new vinyl windows compared to the old aluminum ones are going to save me some money on my heating bill. And the basement cracks have been repaired! I did my best to follow that up by sealing around the beams that are set in the foundation with caulking, which made a big difference around the main beam, which had a nasty draft running in through the gap.

I've been plugging away on the painting, bit by bit. I never appreciated how long it can take to paint the interior of a house! The kitchen and master bedroom are finished save for one more coat on the edging, which should take less than half an hour to complete. The flooring company came to measure the floors for the tile and carpet, and said they needed the old floor tile along the perimeter of the room removed to fasten the carpet down to the floor, which could be a problem if those tiles contain asbestos, which is very likely given their age. I should find out tomorrow what is happening with that. I'll also be meeting with the electrician soon to figure out the particulars of wiring in pot lights and installing the new electrical sub panel.