Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Ball Is Rolling

Nearly more has been done in these past two weeks than the whole time I've been working on this house. The tilers spent all last week finishing the tile on the floors and bathroom, tomorrow the counter tops and hot water tank will be installed, the plumber is installing the fixtures on Friday, and the carpets and baseboards are being installed on Monday. The ball is rolling fast, and is not stopping for anything. I already dismissed a sub contractor that my general contractor tried to set up, because they were holding up production (they took a month to give me a quote for the furnace and hot water tank). Production will not be stopped. I've been working on this bitch for almost five months now, and I want to move into it. My life has been complete chaos this past month, and having my home base intact will allow me to start reorganizing it again and stop stressing, maybe grow some hair back. Oh wait, that won't happen...

Here are some sneak peeks at the cabinets and flooring, which are both looking F'ing fucking awesome:

Tomorrow I'm going to work on getting the shelves painted so I can start storing stuff in them to facilitate some heavy cleaning that needs to be done. The doors are primed and ready to be painted, and I will start preparing the trim to be painted on sunday. And I will hopefully get my appliances hooked up that day.

Update on the murder investigation next door: I have been told that it was a home invasion gone wrong; someone had a personal beef with the neighbour's son next door. I'm not sure how it all went down but one of the home invaders is dead now, and I'm pretty sure my neighbours haven't been living there since, most likely in fear of retaliation. It does make me feel better with the fact that it wasn't a random murder, so I am 99.9% sure I don't have anything to worry about.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Saga of the Neighbours

So I had originally intended to write a post about the ongoing saga of my new neighbours, who happen to be the only ones I share a property line with. Well today something happened that completely overshadows any previous stories, so I'll sum them up quick. The past few months I have had some patience trying encounters with them: getting their two junk vehicles off my back pad so I could build my garage, their dog shitting in my yard, then the son talking shit about me for not giving them my old windows that I had replaced because they needed them to replace the broken panes on their basement windows, even though nobody had asked me for them. I did end up going over with the windows and calling them out on it, but the matter quickly was smoothed out and no more trouble ensued.

So today I get to my house around 8 am to do some work, and I find police cars lining the street and yellow tape all around my neighbours house. After asking the news crew that was parked out front I didn't get many details but enough to gather that it was a murder investigation. The police didn't seem to need any info from me about the neighbours, they only wanted to know if I had seen or heard anything suspicious, which I hadn't since I was not at home at the time.

The news articles haven't really shed much light on it, they basically say that police are treating it as suspicious. The real interesting details they have released are that a man was found dead inside the home, and there was another person inside the house at the time. They're not saying who or what gender, but I'm assuming it was the mom. The real big detail is one of the cars that was parked on my back pad during the summer was stolen from the front of their house, and police are currently looking for it. 

This is definitely keeping up with the trend of experiences with this house that have been anything but normal. I'm not really too worried about it, I'm not a person that looks for trouble so I'm not worried about finding it, but that being said, it might not be a bad idea to hasten my plans for getting a German Shepherd named Floyd.

As far as the house goes, more to follow tomorrow. It's bedtime.