Friday, September 10, 2010

North to the Thirder World

First off, I have to say Asian airlines kick the hell out of North American airlines. I highly recommend anyone fly with Thai Airways if they can, it was the bomb. The service was incredible! For a two and a half hour flight to Kathmandu I had four drinks, one awesome meal, a hot towel, pillow and blanket, customs forms, peanuts, and lots of smiles given to me.

One word to describe Kathmandu: Heavy. The air is humid and there is quite a bit of pollution, which makes it a little thick to breath. There's sound everywhere, honking (lots of honking), people talking, motorcycles, animals, birds, you name it. The streets are very narrow, roughly the size of our alleys back home, and they're full of people. It all sounds like a bit much, and it sometimes is, but it's still a really cool environment. There's never a shortage of things to catch your eye.

And thankfully the touts are not nearly as bad or as plentiful here as they were in Bangkok, that makes me really happy.


  1. I am so happy that you are able to post as much as you do, its exciting to see what you have been seeing and you are doing a great job of telling us the real deal about your experiences, you did always love to write so you are now our own journalist. Is there any way to put a note on your pictures as to where you are, if the pic is of Thailand or will we know for sure that the new pics are of Nepal. I guess I will wait and see. Thats awesome the plane rides have been great,bonus!!

  2. Yeah, it's good your keeping a daily progress update, sounds exciting. How's the food (other than the airlines), and when are heading off to Everest?

  3. I agree I love reading your daily updates. I look forward to see what you have been up to. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Take care and be safe.

  4. Mom, on my Flickr page I organized the photos into sets, I have a set for Bangkok made up already. I'll start one up for Nepal when I post some pictures up.