Friday, November 26, 2010

Living the Life

Summary of the past few (can't even remember how many) days: Sleep, beach, eat, drink, repeat. I have been nothing but a beach bum and it has been great. Arambol is a great place to chill out and soak up the rays. It's not a busy place at all, and the quiet is welcome to me. The beach is lined with tons of small restaurants that offer cabana chairs during the day, and beachfront dining at night.

Last night I ventured out of Arambol with some people I met to go partying in Calingute for the night. Calingute is another beach south of Arambol, and twenty times more busy. Being there made me glad I chose the serenity of Arambol. What surprised me most was the modernity of Calingute. The bars and restaurants there are very trendy, mostly because Goa is a beach resort for Russians, much like Mexico is for Americans and Canadians. Excellent night overall, the bars go all night. I rolled back into Arambol at 6am.

Tomorrow I'm renting a scooter and heading out with a Czech couple I met to Panaji, where a big film festival is happening. Hopefully I'll get to see some cheesy Bollywood action flicks...


  1. Gald you are enjoying being a beach bum, have fun at the film festival.

  2. Just to let you know, it's been 6 days and your making me jealous, have fun!