Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Boxing Day!

Christmas in Koh Phi Phi has been a blast, to say the least! This tourist trap of an island has afforded me a fun Christmas, and the first time I've ever been drunk on Christmas Eve. I've met a ton of great people here. I was thinking about it last night, laughing to myself that this island is so small and social that just taking a walk down the street on the fourth day here I literally run into twenty to thirty people I know. For Christmas I did a snorkeling tour to Maya Bay, where the Beach was filmed. A great way to spend Christmas day in my books.

As fun as the partying has been, I have to extricate myself from it. I find I get caught up in that party groove, where its party until late in the night, sleep half the day away, nurse my hangover on the beach, eat, then repeat. I don't do much when this happens, nor see the sights I should be seeing. Partying wasn't the objective of this trip, so I shouldn't be letting it become a priority. Some friends have invited me to the New Year's Eve party of Koh Phangan but I'm not completely sure about that yet. My first objective of seeing the small islands in the south is something I really want to do and heading back north would nullify that.

Now I head to Koh Lanta to hopefully get some full nights of non-alcohol fueled sleep.

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  1. it is so nice to hear that you have had your first Christmas away from home having a great time and filled with new friends. We missed you lots today and wished we were with you are...on the beach!! Next year...