Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Go Go Koh Lanta

These past few days have been a nice, relaxing break after the total gong show that was Koh Phi Phi. My liver has thanked me a little, but not a lot. I blame it all on the totally chilled out beach bar here at the resort. They play great music, beer is fairly priced and the staff are cool. One of them is worth mentioning for sure. He's this crazy Swedish guy; nobody really knows what he does, other than walking around entertaining everyone with his pitiful fire tricks, which include deep-throating a candle, running a candle along his forearm, and laying a lit cigarette in his hand and showing everyone that it doesn't burn him. Last night he put on a fire show that was so bad it was good. I doubt that somebody that drops the fire stick as much as he did can wield it safely.

Today I went out on a 4 island speedboat tour, my substitute for not being able stay on them due to the high prices. The first part was snorkeling at Koh Ngai, then to the Emerald Caves at Koh Mook, pictured below. Heading into the caves was pretty cool, at one point it becomes completely pitch black. The lagoon beach inside would have been much cooler had there been much less people. Then we went to Koh Kradan where we hung out on the beach and had lunch. This is where the weather turned to shit. One more stop for snorkeling at an island with a name I can't remember was the best part of it, with tons of colourful fish and jagged coral.

Tomorrow I do a ten hour journey to Koh Samui in hopes of finding some accommodation so I can use it as a base to hit up the crazy New Year's Eve party on Koh Phangan, which is supposed to be attended by thirty to forty thousand people! It's bound to be a gong show.


  1. yahoo more pics to look at!! Well Thailand definately has a lot of cool adventures for you to take part in by the sounds of it and good luck finding your accomodations for New Years Eve. Happy New Years!!! in case we don't skype before then.

  2. In case we don't talk before, have a happy new years, we all miss you and will be thinking of you at midnight!!