Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another travel lesson learned on this leg of the trip: Don't go out of your way to meet up with people. I broke my rule of no domestic flights in Thailand to meet up with a girl I met in India. The idea was we would travel together and I was invited to hang with her and a friend that was meeting up with her about five days later. She turned out to be a total flake when her friend changed her plans and showed up early and I was basically cast aside. Not a big deal in the books of Kyle, the only pissoff being the extra $50 I forked out and the slight deviation of my original plan.

I can't be too upset about the latter though, it brought me to this kick ass place called Ton Sai! It's totally awesome here, it's a climbers paradise, and there are tons of them. And they are totally chilled out, friendly people. I've met quite a few cool ones, and even took my own rock climbing course today! For less than $30 a guide took another German guy and I across the bay to a wall where we scaled three climbs, roughly about sixty to seventy feet of vertical. I did a lot better than I thought, finishing all three climbs without having to stop to rest. Apparently that's not bad since I've since heard of people not finishing them at all.

The weather here has been overcast and sometimes rainy the past few days so beach time has been a lost cause. I invested my money in a hammock that I strung up on my balcony and have been lately also investing my time in it. The place I'm staying has been great, my semi-outdoor bathroom seems to give me a story every day, whether it be the elf-sized toilet or killing cockroaches the size of the palm of my hand. Today took the cake though; I walked inside to have a post-climb shower. I turned my head to see a three foot Monitor lizard perched on top of the concrete wall about three feet from my face. I said 'oh shit', it said 'fuck this', and we parted ways. For anyone that doesn't know what a monitor lizard is, they basically look like small Komodo Dragons. I had a good laugh about that afterwards.

I'm off to Koh Phi Phi Don tomorrow, right next door to Koh Phi Phi Leh, the beach they filmed 'The Beach'. I'll stay there for Christmas, a few people I met there will be there as well so I'll have some people to hit up the reputable parties with.

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  1. I think that lizard may top my spider story in the shower. That would freak me right out!!!! Too bad your travel plans didn't work out as planned but as you said you ended up in a "sweet place" as a result and you are now a rock climber!! I can't wait to see some photo's from Thailand, those beaches are beautiful. I googled where you're at and where you're going - a slice of paradise!! (minus the lizard)
    Have a wonderful Christmas Kyle - we'll miss ya!!