Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm On a Boat Muthafucka!

Today was one of the days where I feel like the money I spent was worth every penny. Yesterday while chilling on the beach of Sihanoukville a guy approached us selling a boat tour, for $25 we would be gone the whole day on a three deck boat, doing some snorkeling, drinking, beach bumming, drinking, a jungle walk, drinking, then more drinking. Turned out to be an awesome day, and I'm posting this still half cut from it. We started in the morning, headed out to a snorkeling site where I opted to do a scuba dive (for $30 you can't go wrong), then went to a beautiful secluded beach, then to another beach where we waded up a jungle river with a guide who explained to us some of the workings of the environment. All in all an absolute great day, one where it feels incredibly good to be here traveling and living life.

For the past few days, we've been taking it easy. Sihanoukville is a very touristy place, full of the young backpacker crowds and good night life. Mickey and I were thrown a curve ball when we ate a happy pizza the first night which turned out to be way more than we bargained for (sorry Grandma and Grandpa). I later learned you should only eat half, not the whole thing! My accommodation situation worked out really well, two girls I met on the bus offered me to stay in the extra bed they had in their room instead of staying in a shitty dorm. It's good to see that traveling spirit still alive in some people, willing to help out another fellow traveler. And I'm definitely glad I came to this place, in Thailand I had convinced myself I wouldn't hit up Cambodian beaches simply because I spent a month on them in Thailand, but life has those funny ways of directing you sometimes.


  1. Awesome, who would think Cambodia has good pizza (yaaa,)!!!!

  2. well.... a trip within a trip!!