Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here I am in Cambodia, Siem Reap to be exact. Spent a whole day galavanting around Ankor Wat, the huge, famous, Wonder of the World temple complex with an Austrian couple I met on the bus. The temples are amazing, and there's so many of them! Even after a whole day we still need to do another one tomorrow to see the rest of them. Our tuk tuk driver, Ang, is great, and at $40 for two days of him chauffering us around the temples, a person can't go wrong.

Cambodia is great so far, and cheap too! I'm paying $7 a night for a really nice room, when we were told by the touts we would pay around $25. Food is great, you can get a dish of fried noodles and chicken for $1. It's really weird with the currency, US dollars are used a lot, but if you buy something you could get change in Cambodian Riel. So far it seems to have worked out though. Siem Reap seems like a pretty cool place, the night life here is great and the alcohol is cheap, which could be a problem for me. Now that I say that, it was a problem last night. On the two minute walk from the bar to my guest house I was swarmed by five Cambodian hookers who felt me up and pick pocketed me in the process. Luckily they only got 500 Baht and a $20. Bitches.


  1. haha...5 pick pocketing hooker too funny!! You do keep us entertained bud!

  2. I'm pretty sure it'd cost more then 20 bucks to get felt up by 5 hookers here so I guess you're not doing too shabby :D