Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Into the Water

I love scuba diving, and today I did just that. Since I haven't dove in almost two years, I had to do a refresher course, a requirement by PADI if you go over a year without diving. So that means bring evaluated by the instructor, which includes having to remove my regulator underwater, and also remove my mask, put it back on, and blow it clear of water. It's a totally bitch ass chore, but I passed with flying colours.

The dive itself was pretty easy, we jumped right in the ocean from a jetty on shore, then swam around for 35 minutes each dive. It was quite an array of hard coral, and the coolest thing we saw were the long, stick like Trumpet Fish. Having dove in Papua New Guinea really sets the bar high for new dive spots, but anytime I dive, I'm always happy to be doing it.

Afterwards I lazed around at a local lagoon and soaked up some sun from the beautiful weather we had today, then did another short ride to the site where the Moai were carved back in the day, but sadly I was unable to enter due to a problem with my national park ticket that should hopefully be rectified tomorrow. And tonight I'm headed out to a traditional dance with a couple girls from Canada, which I'm excited about since I have no idea what a traditional Rapa Nui dance is supposed to look like.

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