Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The One Month Challenge

Last night was the final bender for this guy for a while. One of the managers from the hostel was leaving after working here for many months, so for his departure a local night club threw him a Disney themed party. Everyone from the hostel dressed up as a Disney character. Naturally, due to my impressive facial hair I was nominated to dress up as Jafar from the movie Aladdin (picture to follow). Armed with a giant towel on my head and a cobra staff made from a broom handle and a goon box (goon is the shit boxed wine), I rocked it hard and got plenty of compliments on my attire.

Due to this heavy session I am now challenging myself not to drink for thirty days, starting today. Mark the day, I cannot consume a drop of alcohol until October 13th. I figure this is going to quite difficult due to the abundance of microbreweries and hostel drinking events that are constantly in my face. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!!!you can do it!!

  2. Your Dad and I will be your sponsors. Anytime you feel like a beer email us and we will force ourselves to have one for you.

  3. Ok, in that case I feel like I need to SHOTGUN a beer, REALLY BADLY.