Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back to the Main Land

The past few days I've had to make some adjustments to attempt to straighten out my situation for the next month. This new job of mine turned out to be a false hope; I was scheduled for a whopping four hours next week, and was told it would be like that the following week, then it would be increased to a mind blowing twelve hours! I'm not sure how they figured a person could survive on that, but this guy obviously can't, and won't. I walked in there today and quit. After that I returned to the hostel where I booked a flight back to Sydney. And back to the Blue Parrot I go, the awesome hostel where I had a great five weeks, and hopefully another five. I figure I should be able to score some more labour work while I'm there and hopefully come out a little ahead for when my Mom and Sister arrive in December. After that I plan to bear down and work work work, and hopefully turn the tables of a trip to Australia that right now is looking like a mistake. Four thousand dollars and my best photographic work down from where I was before I came here goes completely against my 'forward only' philosophy, and this frustrates me to a severe degree.

Fingers crossed. That's all I can do right now.

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