Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Train Station Joys

Indian trains: Decent. Indian train stations: Not so much. The biggest problem with them are the well-dressed, legit-looking touts that pollute the steps of these facilities, spreading disinformation and becoming a general pain in the ass. I found this out today when I went there to get train tickets for a day trip to Agra tomorrow. They basically try and tell you that there is no Tourist Bureau at the train station for foreigners to reserve tickets, instead you have to go to the Indian Tourist Information Centre at Connaught Square. It actually looks legit on the map too, but when you get there it's more of a booking office. The agent even told me there were no tickets to Agra available for tomorrow, thankfully I'm smart and went back to the train station, found the Tourist Bureau, and got my tickets to and from Agra tomorrow. The trip to Connaught Square wasn't a total waste though, I finally managed to find a book store and pick up a blessed Lonely Planet guidebook. And I tried an Indian soda called Thumbs Up. Definitely a thumbs down.

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