Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vegas of the East!

That's a fitting description for Macau. I couldn't get a train out of Hong Kong today due to the fact that the train to Shanghai only runs on Sunday, so I decided I would head over to Macau to check it out. I've never been to Vegas so a casino city is a new thing on me, and it was a pretty cool experience. The cool thing about casinos is that all the money that they generate (apparently Macau pulls in more than Vegas) transforms into bright lights and flashy decor, which then transforms into awesome night photography for me. I watched a fountain show at one of the casinos that was really cool, it made me think I should get my butt to Vegas one of these days and see all the architectural porn they have there.

I've only played black jack in a casino-type setting twice in my whole life, and apparently today the god's of black jack were with me. I killed it, bringing home $1380 Hong Kong Dollars (about $172 Canadian Dollars). Not a bad score for a couple hours at the table. I'd started out at the tables at the Venetian, and were shocked at how much the buy in was for the cheapest table: $300 HK. I doubled my money on that one but at first I was a little apprehensive about spending that much money. That sum is big when you're a backpacker. They were cheaper at the MGM Grand, only $100. I did try to the slots too, but slots suck, and I lost $20 HK Dollars. I'm very happy at my winnings, they paid for the whole day, plus some.

And tomorrow I head back to the mainland, to Shanghai and beyond!

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  1. HK Vegas, that's crazy, I never knew they even had such a place there. That's funny that they even use the same hotel names!! That is where my blood shows in you, I LOVE VEGAS!! Can't wait to see more pictures with your new camera lenses.