Monday, May 9, 2011


Last night I saw one of the most amazing urban views I've ever seen, and probably will ever see. On Victoria Peak, a mountain in the middle of Hong Kong island, there's a tram that leads to the peak, where they have a big viewpoint set up. It has an amazing view of Hong Kong and Kowloon Bay. I love night photography, and this delivered. It made me wish I had a tripod, and if I had I would have went up there early in the afternoon and held down a spot on the deck of the tower and snapped away at night. Unfortunately everyone else and their dog is up there trying to get the same picture of the city, so we had to compete for a spot to snap pictures.

Last night was also another taste of Hong Kong night life, and I tasted it hard. A friend from the hostel (Max from San Fran) went out to the Soho area of Hong Kong, where the concentration of bars is astronomical. Basically it's all built on a hillside and you ride this escalator up to the streets, passing by bars the whole way. The layout is really cool, too. All the bars are open to the street, giving the whole place a feeling of free roam. I had a much better time than I did on Friday, and Max and I got totally loser pissed.

I still have two and a half hours until midnight here, so happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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