Sunday, March 13, 2011

That Beach, the One With the Face...

The biggest highlight of the last two days was seeing somebody get robbed on the beach. An English friend, Luke, and I were sitting on the beach when a woman started shouting. We turned around to see her run up to two western guys laying on the beach, yelling that they had been robbed by two young Vietnamese that were handing out bar fliers. They each jumped up an ran after the thieves. One of them caught up to the girl and grabbed his IPhone back from her, but the other guy wasn't so lucky, and his camera was stolen. This was the first time I'd directly seen any form of robbery, and it was a little unsettling. These two punks literally grabbed this stuff inches away from this guys head. It really shows how you have to be vigilant about keeping an eye on your belongings, because it could happen when you least expect it.

So now I'm in a beach town I constantly forget the name of. And I'm going to take the lazy road, not look it up and just throw out a guess: I think it's Mui Ne. I arrived here early this afternoon and checked into a really cool hostel where a few people I met in Nha Trang are staying. We hit the beach to watch a ton of people kite-surfing. There are literally almost a hundred of them along the beach, it's really cool to watch. I'm not sure if I'll try it or not, at $37 dollars an hour that's very expensive in terms of backpacker and SE Asia budgets. Sitting on the beach was an endeavour too, it's so damn windy here it feels like you're being sand blasted, which I can imagine would be a horribly painful way to die. Good thing my hostel has a pool in it...

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  1. Hey Kyle go kiteboarding you will love it and that is cheap for lessons. Just make sure you get a good instructor. Have fun and be very careful.