Friday, March 11, 2011

Mud Men of Nha Trang

I found one of the best ways possible to cure a hangover: mud and mineral spa. On the outskirts of Nha Trang there's a place where you can pay to sit in a mineral mud bath then relax in a thermal hot springs. It was great, except for getting that damn mud in my eyes. Thankfully they're prepared for this and have a clay pot of warm water to rinse with. My skin now feels smooth as a babies ass. And the best part of the day: the sun came out! I had been thinking I was going to bail on Nha Trang and head down to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow morning, but since the skies cleared I've been reinvigorated and has decided to stay another day. Nha Trang itself is ok, basically a beach community with tons of hotels, restaurants and bars. All in all, not a good place to be keeping up my promise of toning down the drinking. Beer is incredibly cheap here, the most expensive place we found was less than $2 for a bottle. The beach here is pretty decent, not as nice as the ones in Thailand or Cambodia, but it will certainly do. The one different thing is the surf, it's totally insane here! Not in terms of being able to surf it (the waves curl only twenty feet from shore), it's more about when you go swimming you get totally annihilated by the massive waves!

The bus ride down here from Pleiku sure makes me feel sorry for the children that are forced to ride them, being that buses are one of the main modes of transportation in these countries. I remember when I was a kid being in the car for long periods of time would make me eventually car sick, and those were on the long, straight Canadian highways, not these windy, roller coaster-like roads in Vietnam. Ever kid on the bus tossed their cookies at some point in the journey. I feel very lucky that the one next to me didn't choose my leg to barf on.


  1. Cute picture Kyle!! Hey if you are toning it down, why are you still looking for hangover cures?
    Those mud baths look very interesting, never tried anything like that before.

  2. You are such a metro-sexual.


  3. ya, those crazy waves you got there, was probably from the tsunami that hit Japan!! I can't believe you didn't mention feeling anything from that 8.9 scale earthquake that happened about 2 hrs after talking to you. Love the mudbath pic!haha