Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Test

So yesterday I got an urgent email from Expedia, telling me there was a flight change and I needed to call them ASAP. This was soon followed by a phone call and message saying the exact same thing. Obviously something big had gone down. I call and the first person I talk to informs me that my flight out of Edmonton has been cancelled due to United Airlines changing their schedule, and that no other flight will match up with my connecting flight out of Bogota. The guy puts me on hold so he can call United and try to get another flight. After about ten minutes of being on hold, he tells me it could take a while due to the insane weather that has been hitting the American Midwest hard the past week, and that he'll call me back.

About half an hour later he calls back and connects me with another operator, who tells me that after another ten minutes of searching he can't find any suitable flights for me, the only one close to it flies into Lima, and being in Peru, that doesn't work. His suggestion is to refund the trip. I start to become worried; the other destination I had wanted to go to was Japan, and right now it's under threat of going nuclear from the removal of the fuel rods from Fukushima. I refuse, stressing that there must be another option. If I take the refund, I will most likely end up paying more now that the trip date is closer. He looks around a bit more, and lone behold, he finds another round trip flight, same days, better times, for less money! I am once again happy. There's more connections with this flight route, but no shitty overnight layover in Chicago on the way home, instead I'm in Edmonton the same day.

This trip has survived it's first test. So what am I doing with the $80 I saved? Snowboarding trip this weekend!

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