Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Great Experiment: Kyle In the West

It has officially begun. The experiment of Kyle's return to Western society. So far, meh. I've found myself checked into a hostel in the backpackers area of Sydney, immersed again in the "backpacking" scene full of travelers who are here chasing a party, thinking this is traveling. I've been doing my damnedest to keep myself out of this scene. I went out two nights when I first arrived, simply to blow of some steam. The first night turned out to be pretty lame, except for placing third in a pool competition. The second night was a little cooler. I went to a silent disco, which is basically a club where there's no music played except through the headphones every person is given. Two DJ's play on separate channels, so you could end up dancing with a bunch of people, grooving to a wicked track, and discover the confusion that arises when they start singing a totally different one.

Anyways, my desire to be in a night club ends there. The past couple nights I've abstained from going out with the usual crowd, only to here phrases like "you're not coming out?" or "don't you like girls?". Hearing the latter makes it hard for me to not say things like "I'm better than you". I don't think it's possible to tell people here that that's not what I came to Australia for, I did the party thing for four months straight in SE Asia, and now the objective is to work, make money and get the fuck out of the West again.

Being back in the city again is different. In some ways it's good, but in others it's bad. It's nice to have the amenities, but being back in the plastic society (especially because I'm downtown) makes me want to leave. Basically the past five days have been spent situating myself for Australia, getting my OH&S White Card, opening a bank account, getting a tax file number, etc. When I receive these things I'm thinking I'll bail out of Sydney (or opt for a non-backpacker suburb if I get a job here) in favor of a smaller setting.


  1. Hey Kyle,
    I don't know if you have tried this yet, but a lot of temp agencies have work for travellers that you could fill up some time while waiting for the jobs you are applying on. It may be some labour jobs but that would put a few bucks in your pocket for now. Are you staying at the hostel in the downtown area? That's where I stayed for a week or so. The Rocks is kind of a fun place to visit some Irish/English pubs although I noticed you're not really into that right now, but just in case you need a cool one.

  2. Thanks Aunt Norma! I will be doing labour jobs hopefully at the beginning of next week, once I get my OH&S White Card, which you need to be on a job site. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday.