Monday, September 12, 2016

Cold Blooded Lessons

So after the past however many years where it seemed like summer lasts two months longer than it should, it seems this year, the year I pick to do this trip, is the year we get an early fall. F you, God. However, we did luck out in the way that yesterday wasn't just cold, it was cold and wet, so there is that.

Today started out as a chilly ride, leaving around noon after working a night shift last night. I was also lucky enough to get hooked up with an electric vest that my uncle Maurice loaned to Curtis to use, but since he has a Ducati and the vest has a Harley plug, BAM, Kyle has an electric vest for the trip! And it is awesome. Since most of the ride was in the afternoon and we were pretty well bundled up, it was a nice ride. Fall is a great time to be in the mountains; the air is crisp and clean and it seems like the sun is at a perfect light intensity. Couple that with fall colours and the ride was amazing.

And then the sun went behind the mountains....and the temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius within ten minutes. And Kyle froze his balls off. So much so that I had to pull over and don more layers, but by then the damage was done and I was cold. So lesson learned, suit up early for a preventative measure. Which I will do tomorrow morning as it's supposed to be 2 degrees. I'm probably going to roll into the Montana border barely recognizable under all my layers...

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