Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Faced Hockey Dad

Prepare for an onslaught of blog posting from a week of great adventure...

The past couple days we've been finishing up in New Ireland, in the capital, Kavieng. We did some amazing scuba diving on a great reef with a mind blowing amount marine life, including a reef shark, stingray, barracuda and lots of anenome fish. The coral there was so healthy, eons better than the bleached mess around Thailand. That night we were invited through a diving friend and his nice friends to a surf resort just across the bay from town. We had a great time there despite the douchebagish expats that populate that place. Unfortunately we've encountered a couple uncool people the past few days: the expat douches and an angry hockey dad type that ran a guest house we stayed at last week. Basically we made a deal with them to pay one hundred Kina instead of one hundred and sixty last time, so thinking the deal would still be honored, we went back. What ensued was being yelled at on the phone then kicked out of the guest house by the prick two hours later. Thankfully we ended up in a much better one down the road and now after a quick morning boat ride, we are back on New Britain, headed for the Submarine Base where we'll camp out for a couple days before flying to Madang on the 21st.

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